About Us

Hey Guys! 

Welcome to the "About Us" page. The company The Wild Outdoorsman originally started at Corey's Outdoor Emporium but with emporium being difficult to spell and all, it was decided to change to The Wild Outdoorsman. In doing do, there seems to be a similar company down in New Zealand based our WildOutdoorsman.co.nz . Obviously not good for us here in the USA. We also clarified some confusion, as to wether or not to should use "the" or not in the web address. So we own a bunch of web addresses. This came in handy again when we jumped onto Twitter since WildOutdoorsman was already taken. Our Twitter handle is @WildOutdoormen. So any of the web addresses below will work plus we have a few more in reserve for when we need to expand.






If you ever want to give us a shout out, we have the links at the bottom of the page with their respective icons, which through the power of magic (or internet coding) will bring you to where you want to be ... Hopefully  

Now... About Us

   Corey Walsh 

Well I grew up on the wonderful and completely 'boring' Cape Cod in the town of Sandwich, Massachusetts. There I became interested in the outdoors and anything living on or around the water. A friend of mine told me about the Boy Scout of America and how they were always camping and hiking and I was excited. I begged my parents to let me join. Fast forward a few years and I was able to get my Eagle Scout badge at 16 years old, went to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico 3 times, Sea Base in Florida twice and have logged countless nights and miles hiking, camping, fishing, swimming and canoeing. 

While growing up and traveling, I knew I wanted to travel... everywhere! I have worked on 5 continents and traveled on the other 2. I've only spent a few hours traveling on Australia and Africa. Now, I am parlaying my love of the outdoors to eCommerce. The Wild Outdoorsman is about bring quality products (camping, hiking, fishing, hunting... basically anything equipment related to the outdoors) to the outdoor enthusiast at a cheaper than Big Box price! The more you save the less you have to be in the daily grind!

I know with my experience, and the experiences I am having with my family now, wife and 3 sons, they will have the same fondness to the outdoor as I do! I hope to see you out there!